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VR AR Learning is a Learning platform from the company we previously worked with called BuzzArk Simulation Private Limited.

They came to us with a requirement of building a Learning Management Platform (LMS) for their students who have enrolled in their courses that teaches them, How to build Virtual and Augmented reality experience.

After the completion of the initial website BuzzArkxr.com, which you read more about it here BuzzArk Simulations Project. They found that Students who are currently enrolled in University or people who are looking to get into the world of Virtual Reality would be interested to enroll in a course.

We have created their Logo, Brand tagline, and Graphics needed for the website.

We also worked on providing a seamless eCommerce experience for purchasing their course which was a Digital product. We also added an Evergreen Timer to create a sense of Urgency to purchase the product.

We also created a great Course dashboard for the student to easily understand the course they have enrolled in.

We also provided them with an Easy to navigated Lessons with Video embeds. We suggested to them the best and most Cost-effective Video Hosting platform Bunny Stream from bunny.net for fast-loading videos.

Overall, It was an amazing experience working on our First Digital product Store cum Learning Management Platform for the VR AR Learning Website Project.

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