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Dextroware Device Private Limited is an Assistive technology manufacturer from IIT Madras, Research Park. They came to us for a website development that includes showcasing the capabilities of their product and enabling the purchase of their product directly from their website.

We dove straight into understanding the core audience for their product and started with design some of the initial pages for their website.

After a few back-and-forth communication, Pravin, Founder of Dextroware Devices was satisfied with the final website.

The website we delivered satisfied the below requirements.

  1. The website was on brand - Matching their dark color scheme
  2. Communicated the essential benefits of the product.
  3. Created trust by showcasing the testimonials from the users of the product.
  4. Enabled users to purchase directly from the website

We also helped them with SEO-optimized blogs to showcase their knowledge of their industry, by writing articles about important topics to drive target customer of their product "MOUSEWARE" to their website.

We also wrote blogs about the adjacent topics for their industry to drive more brand awareness and drive traffic to the website.

Overall, It was an amazing project to work on and provided real solution to them as a growing startup and help them help people with Disability.

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